VSuite Ramdisk (Standard Edition)

VSuite Ramdisk (Standard Edition) 4.6

Creates a virtual hard disk in the existing RAM memory for a faster performance
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Creates a virtual hard disk using the available RAM memory, which provides a much faster access to your data. If you usually execute applications that keep a high level of interaction with your hard disk, you may have noticed that they tend to be slow and heavy. In those cases, VSuite Ramdisk turns out to be especially useful - it allows you to set a virtual (permanent or volatile) drive that you can use just as any other physical disk.

The program allows you to create not only a single virtual unit, but as many as your physical memory permits. The entire program's functionality has been placed on a single window with two sections: "Ramdisk" and "Options". In the Ramdisk section, you will be able to manage your virtual drives. You can create new ones, delete them, change their properties, clear their contents, load and save images, and import or export configurations. Before you add a new unit, you can either set all its properties yourself or just use the default values. You may configure the virtual disk size, its drive letter, the file system, the cluster size, and the volume label.

For the file system, you can choose among NTFS, FAT 32, FAT, and RAW. Besides, for NTFS or FAT systems you can make use of the "File System Advanced Settings" window, where you can create custom folders, set a custom volume serial number, and disable the NTFS indexing service, among other interesting features. In addition, you can select your virtual drive to be a SCSI disk or a Direct IO disk. The latter is faster, but is less compatible with certain disk management utilities and may make your system hang repeatedly under certain circumstances.

Besides all the features mentioned above, you can customize your virtual drives even further. For instance, you may enable NTFS compression and dynamic RAM allocation, create a temporary folder, and set the unit as "volatile", which will make your new drive disappear the next time you restart your system. Another very important option is "Enable Image File" - it allows you to keep a file on your real hard drive with a VDF extension, which will act as a mirror for the virtual one. It is useful to configure the unit as permanent, and even tell the program to load it automatically every time your system restarts. All these features and functions are merely the most important ones – the program offers you many more.

With regard to the Options section, it provides you with access to some minor functionality, such as setting the language of the program’s interface, and importing, exporting or removing all your "ramdisks" at once. From here, you could also register the program, though it is no longer available for sale. In case you try to buy it, you will be encouraged to buy "Primo Ramdisk" - the next generation of this program (starting at $29.95) -, which, in fact, it is also known as "VSuite Ramdisk II". As for "VSuite Ramdisk", you will be able to use it for only 15 days before the program expires.

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  • Allows you to create multiple virtual drives
  • Allows you to set all the key parameters for your virtual drives
  • Allows you to create "volatile" units, that will disappear upon the next system restart
  • Allows you to keep an image file on your real disk, which can be set to load automatically every time you restart your system


  • You can use it for 15 days before it expires - it is no longer available for sale
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